Start-Up Visa Business Plan




A Start-Up Visa in Canada is obtainable via support from an angel investor, venture capital firm, or incubator. This requirement mandates a professional, concise, and compelling start-up business plan. Maple Content’s team of industry experts has the experience required to deliver superior results.

Start-Up Visa Business Plan

Start-Up Visa Business Plan

Canada is a country known for providing considerable opportunities to foreign innovators and entrepreneurs.

The federal government operates the Start-Up Visa Program to entice entrepreneurs with competitive business plans to help create new jobs and further Canadian economic development.

Business Plan For Start-Ups in Canada

Business Plan For Start-Ups in Canada

In contrast to the regional provincial nominee programs typically offered, the Start-Up Visa (SUV) program mandates a Letter of Support from a qualifying organization. This list of organizations will consist of investors, both angel and venture capital, and incubators.

Without the support of these investors, entry to Canada for business purposes is often challenging. The Start-Up Visa program is a prerequisite for any business – a test of innovation and dedication to allow access to the country. Therefore, a company will need start-up visa business plans for the occasion.

Start-Up Visa Business Plan

These investors will receive a daily intake of pitches from entrepreneurs. The criteria for support is, therefore, considerable and requires a start-up visa business plan built to be engaging, compelling, and concise.

As leading experts in the industry, Maple Content delivers a team of writers who have considerable experience in the conception, writing, and editing of a start-up business plan and any other necessary documents for these situations.

Thanks to ample experience with venture capital firms, investment banking firms, and other organisations providing funding, the team can create a document that works in the favor of the client.

Regardless of the specific needs of the document, the writing team is capable of delivering quality content. A well-designed document is a gold standard for ensuring success within the application process.


  • A team with multiple language fluency.
  • A flat rate pricing system.
  • Up to three revisions.
  • A personalized, fully-designed business plan.
  • High-quality graphic designs where necessary.


  • Description of the business.
  • Analysis of the industry.
  • Analysis of the market.
  • Plans for personnel.
  • Plans for marketing strategies.
  • Financial projections for five years of business.


What is a start-up visa for business?

The Start-Up Business Visa is necessary for a person or group to gain residency in Canada. The visa is required to demonstrate ability to add value to Canada via the creation or funding of a business.

Why does a business need a start-up visa business plan?

During the application process, businesses are required to submit a plan which details how the prospective company will benefit the area of residence and Canada as a whole.

Failure to meet the requirements may result in the loss of an application, therefore mandating the business plan.


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