New Brunswick NBPNP Business Concept




The New Brunswick NBPNP Business Concept is designed for businesses who want to successfully meet the minimum point threshold to be invited to apply for the program.

Maple Content has considerable experience creating and designing business concepts that will help businesses to receive a successful invitation to apply. The writing team is skilled and works in close collaboration with the client.

New Brunswick NBPNP Business Concept Writers

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program starts with registering an expression of interest (EOI). The program is based on receiving a maximum of 100 points. The business concept itself is worth 15 points.

If a business wants to receive an official invitation to submit an application, a professional business concept is needed to maximise the score.

Maple Content provides a two-part service based around a business and assessment service.

The service has two parts to it. First of all, there is an assessment portion, which provides a realistic interpretation of how well a business is likely to score. The second part is the designing and creation of a proper business concept. This will help to create the best chance of scoring high. The writing team has plenty of experience in this field.


  • An assessment of the applicant’s profile.
  • Multilingual team members.
  • A flat pricing structure.
  • Unlimited document revisions.
  • A personalized business plan service.
  • A professional graphic designer.

  • A business description.
  • The location and the reason why the location for the business was chosen.
  • A suggested investment amount and an explanation for why.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • A human resources plan, including job creation and maintenance.
  • Due diligence and research details.
  • The applicant’s role in the organization.
  • The names of business partners.
  • The business structure where applicable.
  • The identification of potential risk factors.


Maple Content does not deal with the legal aspects of any immigration applications, and our services strictly assist with developing your business plans. The information and feedback we provide are not substitutes for legal advice or professional recommendations for your immigration application program. Any information received from Maple Content is based solely on client interactions and should be verified by a professional who deals with the legalities of immigration. We thereby notify that Maple Content will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the misuse of any information provided in this document.

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