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Anyone applying for a commercial lease will have to present a business plan to a landlord called a ‘landlord deck.’ The quality of a professional landlord business plan will influence the success of the lease negotiations.

Maple Content has a team of expert writers who would be more than happy to help create a rental property business plan to maximize the chances of success.

Business Plans For Rental Property Business

Business Plans For Rental Property Business

To successfully meet the application requirements for the majority of commercial leases, a business is required to submit a Landlord Deck. The deck will present a comprehensive overview of the business and convey the argument for securing a lease. The landlord business plan is often presented in a slide format.

A commercial real estate lease is a negotiation that mandates the trading of information. A successful landlord business plan allows for many critical questions and ideas to be established.

The plan will identify if the business can pay their rent, if the activities of the business can interfere with the other tenants in the building, and if the leaseholder is likely to remain for the duration of the lease.

Landlord Business Plans

Landlord Business Plans

Maple Content is a leading expert in the industry and has a writing team that can create a comprehensive landlord business plan.

The writing team is capable of anticipating and working through the hesitations and questions of a landlord. This helps to guarantee the chance of getting a lease.

A landlord business plan is a core part of successful lease negotiation. Without it, a landlord will not allow the lease to be discussed and will often fall apart.

The writing team has considerable experience when it comes to creating a landlord business plan designed to meet any need or requirement.


  • Multilingual, fluent team.
  • Flat pricing for convenience.
  • Customized business plan.
  • Professional, affordable graphic design.


  • Description of the business.
  • Market and industry analysis.
  • Plan for marketing.
  • Profiles for management.
  • Details on floor plans and use of funding.
  • Up to five years of financial projections.


What is a Landlord business plan?

A landlord business plan is built to outline how the business will operate while it is leasing a building or office space. It also stipulates how the company intends to satisfy legislation relating to both residential and commercial leasing.

Why does a business need a Landlord business plan?

The landlord business plan is a core part of a successful commercial property lease. It allows a business to successfully comply with the legislation which is required and helps to guarantee that the future commercial success of the company is ensured.


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