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Appealing to investors is a core part of typical business practices. Entrepreneurs who require capital to start new projects or finance a business venture need to navigate investors.

Maple Content has an expert team of writers available who can help convince investors to work with businesses by generating an investor business plan that will assure quality and help to guarantee investments.

Business Proposal For Investors

Business Proposal For Investors

Investment funding is a popular way to secure business. Owing to an ever-increasing selection of capital firms in the Canada area providing more than $4 billion in funding to start-ups, investment funding remains attractive and feasible.

Investors are primarily focused on receiving returns on their investments. Money that is invested into a business is expected to generate more money, whether this is done through shares of the company or a percentage of ownership. A company needs investor business plans to help with this.

To succeed with each investor, it is necessary to have knowledge about the challenges the organization may face, the solutions to these challenges, and every individual facet. There is no scenario where a generic business plan will enable success. This mandates the need for investor business plans.

Why Pick an Investor Business Plan?

Why Pick an Investor Business Plan?

As a leading force within the industry, Maple Content is capable of creating an investor business plan for any situation. These plans are vital to enable a business or entrepreneur to begin financing a new project with the help of an investor.

The business plan created by the writing team meets all the requirements expected from an investor. This includes the way that the funding is used, the potential for return on investment, the strategies that are put in place, a strong management team that has been proven, and credible projections.

Vital to the investment process, a business plan is a key requirement – many investors will not even take a meeting without it.


  • Multilingual team versed in all common languages.
  • Flat pricing structure for convenience.
  • Unlimited revisions to the plan.
  • A fully customized business plan.
  • A professional graphic design where applicable.


  • A description of the business.
  • An industry and market analysis.
  • A proper marketing plan.
  • A plan for personnel.
  • Financial projections of up to five years.
  • A series of workable exit strategies.


What is an Investor Business Plan?

The investor business plan is built to outline plans for a prospective business to potential investors. It will also highlight the current situation regarding the project, demonstrate a track record of success where applicable for established companies, and finally, offer investors a future projection.

Why does a business need a Business Plan for investors?

Investors often look for future prospects and wish to understand how the company will develop in the future to assure the value of their investment. Therefore, an investor business plan is a core component of this process.


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