IMP C10 Business Plans


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The approval of an LMIA-exempt work visa requires an individual to demonstrate evidence of economic, social or cultural contributions to the local area and Canada as a whole.

Maple Content can create and deliver a fully-designed business plan which aligns with the immigration strategy of a business or individual, drastically improving the chance of success.

IMP C10 Business Plan Services

LIMA is an acronym for Labour Market Impact Assessment, and is a required document which certifies the need to hire a foreign worker and have said worker immigrate to Canada. The aim is to guarantee that the resulting impact to the economy or labour market is either neutral or positive.

Maple Content delivers a range of effective, engaging and fully-designed business plans designed to directly benefit a business or individual and help improve the chance of success when applying for a permit.

The writing team has considerable experience creating and implementing a proper C10 business plan. The plan will highlight the strategic benefit which is on offer and is an organized, effective way to highlight prior experience as a way to demonstrate future success and present a robust case for the benefits that an enterprise can offer the country of Canada.


  • A multilingual group of experts.
  • A flat price structure.
  • Unlimited revisions to the work.
  • A customized business plan.
  • A professional graphic design.

  • A business and product description.
  • An industry and market analysis.
  • A marketing strategy.
  • A key personnel and management plan.
  • A financial projection for five years.
  • Details on the economic benefit of the business to Canada.


Maple Content does not deal with the legal aspects of any immigration applications, and our services strictly assist with developing your business plans. The information and feedback we provide are not substitutes for legal advice or professional recommendations for your immigration application program. Any information received from Maple Content is based solely on client interactions and should be verified by a professional who deals with the legalities of immigration. We thereby notify that Maple Content will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the misuse of any information provided in this document.

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