About Us

Why choose Maple Content?

Maple Content is headed up by Stephen Newall, an EB5 verified business plan writer. Stephen has successfully undertaken The University of Cambridge’s Start-up Funding: Pre-seed to Exit program and founded Oxbridge Content in the UK before starting Maple Content in Canada and the US.
Maple Content also has a range of services spanning multiple roles, including:

Onboarding Specialists

Opportunity Validators and Case Experts

The onboarding specialists are trusted professionals who will listen to a client’s vision before balancing it with veteran industry experience.
Business Team Work
Business Plan Writers

Project Managers

Business Plan Consultants

The project managers have proven business plan consultation experience. They can provide expert advice to help a business plan succeed.

Business Analysts

Reporting Experts and Financial Modelling

Maple Content’s business analysts are CFA and CPA-certified specialists. Their role is due diligence on historical reporting and financial projections.

Creative Illustrators

Creative Illustrators

Design and Brand Enthusiasts

The creative illustrators are industry veterans, using practical experience to design business plans.

Administration Staff

Document Filing and Maintenance

The administration team works behind the scenes to ensure that files are properly secured, and all documentation is ready during the process.

About Us

Maple Content is a leading expert in the industry, striving to create tailored, high-quality, and professional business plans. As an industry authority, Maple Content has teams of business plan writers available and emphasizes quality.

Maple Content provides business plans designed to help companies raise finances with banks and investors.

Here to Help

Maple Content exists to benefit businesses located in Canada that want to enhance their practices and achieve new heights.

The writing team is more than capable of meeting any specific need or requirement as necessary. Whether this is immigration business plans, visa business plans, or general commercial business plans, there is a service for any scenario.

Contact Maple Content Today

Any business looking to upgrade its practices should contact a team member today. Operatives are standing ready to answer questions, discuss specific needs, and provide information about different services.

All inquiries are welcomed, and there is always someone free to field questions. Maple Content can be reached on either of the following channels:

Tel: +1 289 408 9569

Email: [email protected]